We can help you relocate your IT infrastructure.

Are you looking to move offices but don’t know how to safely move your computer network, PCs, servers and printers? We can help. RTS proudly serves Baltimore, MD and specializes in network office moves. We can help you relocate all of your IT assets quickly and safely.

IT Relocation Services in Baltimore, MD

Moving Next Door or Across Town

Whether you are moving a short distance like changing office suites or moving across town, RTS can help you plan, coordinate and action a successful move. We've seen it many times before, companies “hope for the best” approach turn in to a network disaster. An unplanned network move can cause companies to scramble in the new office scratching their heads to figure out how to bring the network back up.

Don’t let this happen to you!

We Are Not a Moving Company

Moving your equipment is not the hard part, it's ensuring that after the move all your data is still there, and everything works properly in the new office space. We make sure this happens by working with you and your technology vendors and creating a detailed project plan. You have too many moving parts and they must work together. Let RTS coordinate your technology move while freeing you up to deal with the rest of your relocation efforts.

Peace of Mind

It’s been said that moving is one of the most stressful life events that a person can go through. Why would you want to tackle this by yourself? Partnering with RTS to relocate your IT infrastructure will give you that peace of mind that is so hard to find during a move. Let our vast experience in relocating IT infrastructures give you peace of mind that RTS will have your move planned and executed out the right way.