HelpDesk Support Services

We provide full service HelpDesk support to organizations of all sizes in and around Baltimore, MD. Let us manage your company’s HelpDesk and support your user’s IT needs. We can reduce your overall costs by giving you access to our automated tools, including ticketing system, knowledge base and remote login tools. Don’t lose valuable productivity due to your staff constantly having technical issues. We can eliminate many issues altogether with our managed IT services but we can also augment with our HelpDesk support ensuring your employees always have someone to turn to, to address IT issues.

HelpDesk Support Services in Baltimore, MD

Reduce Overall Issues

Our goal is not to simply respond when needed but actually look for the root problems of many IT issues so they can be eliminated entirely. This keeps employees happy and productive as they will see the network and company services improving over time. For those times however that something does happen or there is a new issue that crops up, our technicians will be ready to respond and address those issues promptly and courteously.

Reduce Your Risk

One of the issues you face by hiring your own IT staff to manage HelpDesk issues is that you have a finite skillset available to you. By outsourcing your IT HelpDesk support you gain a broader range of knowledge even if you only use 1 or 2 people for support. For example, we have many employees that hold many different certifications across many different industry verticals. You get access to all of this knowledge by outsourcing your HelpDesk needs to us. You also no longer have to deal with holidays, vacation time, sick time or other scheduling issues that make it difficult to ensure you have someone available to help your staff.

Excellent Support

At the end of the day it all comes down to quality support. RTS can deliver on that promise in a big way. We have the tools, the training and the experience to ensure that your company and your staff are taken care of and supported no matter what issues arise. We have relationships with major IT vendors such as HPE, Microsoft, VMWare and many others. We continually train and certify our staff on new technologies and better ways to address known issues. Contact RTS today to learn more about how our HelpDesk support services can help your company today.

We are Comptia Certified with a BBB A+ Rating.